IT. Company

Softwirelex is solely an indigenous IT Solution Company, established to provide sales and services with various brands of products. Softwirelex is a registered Limited Liability Company under the Company and Allied Matters Acts 1990, with registration no RC: 1205765. Serving small and medium Sized businesses in Nigeria since 2009. At SSL, we provide innovative IT solutions to clients from various industries including banking, finance, insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications. and government parastatal.


Our Mission

To provide reliable IT services to individuals and organizations, meeting their technology needs and providing solution at all levels.


To be one of the best IT. solution company In Africa where IT Products and services would be delivered across the globe.


Softwirelex partners with some of the common Brands of technologies, hence meeting cost-effective and reliable solutions which are helping customers worldwide in delivering the high quality and fast turnaround they need to meet their clients’ exacting demands and succeed in today’s competitive market place.

Core values

Our organization delivers valuable services in Information Technology and Cooperate organization providing genuine systems, durable and ecologically sustainable products.