Upon completion of repairs, we will contact the client via phone and/or email to inform him/her that the device is ready for pickup. We will document the date and time of this notification attempt.

Pickup Period: Clients will have 20 days from the notification date to collect their repaired device. During this period, Softwirelex will securely store the device free of charge.

Unclaimed Devices: If a device remains unclaimed after 20 days, we will be considered no longer liable for any subsequent damage or loss. This includes, but is not limited to, physical damage, theft, or data loss.

Disposal: If a device remains unclaimed for [365days], Softwirelex reserves the right to dispose of the device responsibly according to local regulations.  We will make a reasonable effort to contact the client before disposal.


We will clearly communicate the policy and timelines to clients during the initial repair discussion and reiterate them in the notification to pick up the repaired device.

Please see our comprehensive service policy on our website



This policy aims to:

  • Encourage timely collection of repaired devices.
  • Manage storage space efficiently.
  • Protect Softwirelex from liability for unclaimed devices.